Wanting Breakfast With Jamie?

These boxes are perfect  for:

  • Pre Wedding Feasts
  • Corporate morning meetings
  • Special occassions at home 
  • Literally anything because breakfast is the reason I get out of bed in the mornings!




The Breakfast With Jamie Box is your new go to gift, pre wedding or meeting snack!

Each box is filled with freshly baked pastries from our favourite bakeries (croissants, danishes & waffles x14), individual yoghurt granola cups (x4), ham & jarlsberg slices, an abundance of berries, avocado, tomatoes, bliss balls, ferraro rochers plus a choc pot and jam pot!




Includes a range of 30 of the most delicious pastries including (but not limited to) mini croissants, danishes, escargots and waffles. Complete with bliss balls, a jar of Nutella and a jar of Jam.



MINI BAGEL BOX: (Can't be ordered on it's own)

15x mini filled bagels, read made and ready to eat!

Fillings will be sent to you once your order is confirmed for you to choose from!




Available on Wednesdays - Saturdays.

Delivery will be between 8:30am - 10:00am depending on location or can be collected from Reservoir.

All boxes / take away items require a minimum of 2 days notice - no deliveries or pick ups on Sundays or public holidays unless confirmed with I’m Plattered prior to ordering.



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Breakfast With Jamie Boxes


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