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Mother Of Boards

Starting from our one metre option each table will by styled individually to match and compliment the space we are creating in! All our different tables are the same price per metre / half metre and can be mixed together to create your dream set up! (Minimum 1m of each)

Our Mother of Boards grazing tables starting from 1m includes an assortment of cheese, deli meats, falafels, crackers, fresh bread, seasonal fruit & berries, a selection of antipasto including olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles & stuffed bell peppers, nuts, dried fruit, dips and pesto's and finished with something sweet.

All tables are complimented with fresh greenery and cheese knives to serve. 

1m - $660 - Feeds up to 30 guests

1.5m - $907.50 - Feeds up to 45 guests

2m - $1155 - Feeds up to 60 guests

2.5m - $1457.50 - Feeds up to 75 guests

3m - $1760 - Feeds up to 100 guests

3.5 - $2062.50 - Feeds up to 125 guests

4m - $2365 - Feeds up to 150 guests

4.5 - $2667.50 - Feeds up to 175 guests

5m - $2970 - Feeds up to 200 guests

All tables will incur a $60.00 - $120.00 delivery, set up and pick up fee depending on location.

Want a fuss free spread? I'm Plattered can create a stunning flat lay using disposable palm leaf bowls and utensils so there is nothing to clean up or pick up after the event. Plus you save $60.00 of the delivery/pick up fee!

Want to get more WOW factor out of your grazing table?

- Send us a photo of the table/area we will be setting up in so we can pre plan the design.

- Let us know your colour scheme / theme or any ideas you had in mind!

- Let us add in your cake to the display!

- Place table in lots and lots of natural (shaded) light!

- Include some of our delicious ADD ON'S 

1m Savoury + 40cm Dessert, Sliders, Arancini, Paninis & Caprese Skewers

1m Savoury Flay Lay

1m Savoury

1m Savoury Flat Lay

1m Savoury + Sliders, Sausage Rolls & Arancini

1m Savoury + Sliders, Arancini & Paninis

1.5m Savoury

1.5 + .5m Dessert + Sliders & Arancini

1.5m + Sliders, Arancini, Paninis & Lebanese Pastries

1.5m Savoury + 40cm You Dessert It + Lebanese Pastries & Paninis

1.5m Savoury Flat Lay + .5m Dessert

2m Savoury

2m Savoury Flat Lay + Sliders & Arancini

2m Savoury

2m Savoury

2m Savoury

2.5m Savoury

2.5m Savoury

3m Savoury

3m Savoury + Sliders & Paninis

3m Savoury + Sliders & Paninis

3m Flat Lay + Arancini

3m Flay Lay + Arancini

3m Savoury

4m Savoury

4m Savoury

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