Meet Jamie!

The whole of I'm Plattered.


I’m Plattered is a work of culinary art. From small boxes to grazing boards and tables, I’m Plattered is the perfect choice for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even, that special gift. Sourcing only local and fresh high-quality produce, I’m Plattered has been praised by many around Melbourne as their go-to connoisseur for their upcoming celebration.


I’m Plattered is the heart and soul of Melbourne foodie, Jamie Trikilis. Her love of food and entertaining guests brought the idea to life in 2018 and since then, her passion has led Jamie to pursue her side-hustle into a full time career.


I’m Plattered is proud to have supplied their beautifully hand-crafted platters to many corporate events for companies including ANZ, Midas, DoYouEven and Celine.